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At Edge we always strive to meet each client’s unique set of needs and expectations by delivering a truly personalized experience on a professional basis. Our team of developers, technologists and strategists share a passion for creating digital services that reshape the connection between clients and their consumers.

Our commitment to highly effective working practices means that our team excels at marrying critical thinking with digital innovation. We bring innovation underpinned with a solid business rigour. We help you exploit the potential of digital to transform both what you do and how you do it. Since 2008, our proven methodology ensures we deliver on time, within budget and expectations time after time after time.



We help brands navigate the social conversation, engage influencers and generate media coverage. From app and web development through Twitter, email and SMS direct messaging, social media and online public relations, we place your company at the heart of the digital conversation.



Edge API Management enables you to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialize web application programming interfaces (API). This represents a new way of doing business for your company: flexible, powerful, on demand integration with almost any external system.



The Edge Advanced Mobile Gateway is a high-performance, high-availability software platform built to give the mobile operator control over value added services delivered by third-parties and enforce content-delivery and billing terms of service.

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Your company has the oportunity to be among the first brands in the world to interact with your customers trough conversational transactions in the same channel where they spend their time, with a original, brand new, rich media experience.



Edge API Services enables you to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialize APIs.

Cloud Services, Mobile and Social Computing have accelerated the need to expose the data services the organizations offer. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide access to, and information about, back-end business processes. APIs make it easier and faster to build new services on top of existing ones, laying a solid foundation for the digital future of the company.


Our team of architects will work with your team to design the right architecture for your API strategy.



Our field-tested methodology keeps projects on track as this is a key component of the success of the digitalization of your company.



With the use of API development tools like Apigee, we can rapidly develop APIs to transform and grow your existing services whether you have or not an enterprise bus infrastructure.



Performance matters a great deal. That is why we can help you find out the limits of your systems, performing controlled stress tests to determine and fix the weak links before the services go live.



We know that the only true way to improve towards a goal is by carefully picking key metrics, and iteratively measuring your system until the stated goals are met.



We believe that excellent customer support gives you peace of mind and helps our business. Our dedicated support team will help you when you need it. You can contact us via phone, email, skype or even Whatsapp.

Edge Digital Marketing places your brand
at the heart of the conversation.

As the communications landscape becomes more complex, and people discover and define brands through multiple touchpoints, the role of social media has become a focus.

Edge helps brands navigate the social conversation, engage influencers and generate media coverage.



We believe in creating innovative and responsive client and server side coding that will meet and exceed every expectation from first to final interaction.


Our design team ensures we create apps that are equal parts usability, usefulness and desirability. Form without function isn’t very pretty.



We make content usable in paid and unpaid contexts from the beginning of every digital strategy to help businesses grow their digital audience through paid and natural search.




From the conceptualization stage through to strategic deployment, idea generation is a holistic experience that draws on expertise from across Edge. Our ultimate objective is to help clients unlock new drivers of growth and competitive advantage and more. 




 Brands are always looking for ways to engage with their customers and interactive promos (via SMS, hot-sites, facebook apps, etc.) are one of the easiest and more effective forms of getting it done. We can help you promote your brand and obtain new consumer insights.




With our help you can easily reach your customers and deliver your messages through email, SMS and Twitter in personalized, one to one, direct messages. From birthday alerts, to payment reminders, to one-time-passwords, to newsletters, to invoices, our easy to use and easy to integrate messaging solution

Give back your customers the control they need and deserve

During the last decade, carriers around the world saw an explosion of Value Added Services (VAS). These VAS started to become very important part of the operator business. In the process of deploying VAS as fast as possible, the operators lost some control to the VAS Providers (VASP), as they were largely responsible for keeping the subscription databases, charging the mobile users, promoting their own services, etc. In many cases, the operators don't know how many services are available, how many users each service has, how many times are the users being sent promotional messages, etc.

The Edge Advanced Mobile Gateway is designed to return the control of the value added services back to the operator as well as to provide better tools for service management and customer insight.


Main Benefits of the Edge Advanced Gateway Platorm

  • Complete control over subscription services.
  • Better insight about your customers.
  • Strict service definition rules with content delivery policy enforcement.
  • Unified charging interface based on industry-standard OneAPI that hides the internal billing systems, prepaid and postpaid.
  • Zero SPAM. You control the SMS broadcast campaings.
  • Increased user loyalty by offering transparency and compliance to terms of service. 
  • Peace of mind - The platform is built for high performance and high availability with load balancing.



Our platform serves over 75 million messages every day, ensuring that service terms of service are enforced, keeping users free of SPAM and in control of their subscriptions.

Is your brand developing a Chatbot strategy?

Messaging applications are becoming a significant strategy for brands simply because it's how consumers are communicating today. Smart brands are starting to become very curious about this new communication channel on their constant search for ways to reach wider audiences more directly. 

Chatbot technology opens up a whole new opportunity to be a part of the conversation and storytelling process. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), bots are responding to queries, helping users find products, and even troubleshooting customer service issues. It’s clear that the digital experience is evolving, and brands that want to stay ahead of the curve need to be on board.

Bot-driven engagement represents a great opportunity for brands and marketers to enhance their messaging and mobile strategies, which ultimately drives revenue.

Empowering Customer Service

New audiences prefer text-based communication like instant messaging and absolutely despise waiting on the phone. Brands using Chatbots can easily gather information, understand context, and anticipate needs, creating a better experience for all.

Simplifying everyday Purchases

Conversational commerce, is the act of placing orders through online conversations, and it's the future of digital shopping. Social networks are busy places and meeting your customer where they already are is becoming more and more of a priority.


Workplace and Personal Assistance

Imagine how productivity would improve if you could use chatbots to deliver documents, explore sales leads, on-board employees, or resolve technical challenges. Chatbots can be anywhere at any time and interacting with them feel as natural as talking to a friend.

We're proudly engaged with prestigious brands and organizations

We can't deny we like to brag about our customers. These renowned companies have options, yet they have chose to work with us, which makes us happy and dedicated to keep up with their high and ever-demanding standards.



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