Building trust and being relevant in a digital age.

At Edge we always strive to meet each client’s unique set of needs and expectations by delivering a truly personalized experience on a professional basis. Our team of developers, technologists and strategists share a passion for creating digital services that reshape the connection between clients and their consumers.

Our commitment to highly effective working practices means that our team excels at marrying critical thinking with digital innovation. We bring innovation underpinned with a solid business rigour. We help you exploit the potential of digital to transform both what you do and how you do it. Since 2008, our proven methodology ensures we deliver on time, within budget and expectations time after time after time.


API Services

Edge API Management enables you to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialize web application programming interfaces (API). This represents a new way of doing business for your company: flexible, powerful, on demand integration with almost any external system.

Digital Marketing

We help brands navigate the social conversation, engage influencers and generate media coverage. From app and web development through Twitter, email and SMS direct messaging, social media and online public relations, we place your company at the heart of the digital conversation.


AMG Platform

The Edge Advanced Mobile Gateway is a high-performance, high-availability software platform built to give the mobile operator control over value added services delivered by third-parties and enforce content-delivery and billing terms of service.